QMP Product Catalogue 2023

104 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS Floor Cupboards - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Shelves Code Price 1200.1200.610 2 CT121261ZHXX £1,590.63 1200.900.610 2 CT129061ZHXX £1,414.34 Extra Shelves - Dimensions/Codes To Fit Code Price W.1200 x D.610 CTES1260ZHXX £107.13 W.900 x D.610 CTES9060ZHXX £81.36 Floor Chests - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Code Price 610.1170.460 CT611146ZHXX £618.35 510.610.340 CT516134ZHXX £393.25 Stands - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Code Price 543.1200.610 CTST12612RXX £172.22 543.900.610 CTST90612RXX £153.23 PETROLEUM & FLAMMABLE LIQUID CUPBOARDS 393.25 £ from Fire Guard tested & certified EN 13501-1 If stored incorrectly, flammable liquids, pesticides and agrochemicals can leak or spill causing damage and pollution. These cupboards promote safe storage, handling and disposal practice. High-security 7-lever lock with full-height door hinges. Liquidtight integral sumps with plug for easy drainage. Fully adjustable, spill-retaining galvanised shelves. Supplied with stand to raise cupboards by 543mm. New regulation labels enclosed to be fitted by customer to suit regulations. Floor chests have a welded integrated sump, angled lid to discourage article placement and a hasp and staple lock - padlock not supplied. Powder coated with red Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint. Cupboard shelves have a UDL of 140kg.