QMP Product Catalogue 2023

106 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS VISION DOOR CUPBOARDS Vision Door Cupboards - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Shelves Code Price Extra Shelf Price 1800.1200.460 3 CV181246Z £954.65 CUPDSHLF1246 £59.67 1800.900.460 3 CV189046Z £838.03 CUPDSHLF9046 £51.53 1200.900.460 2 CV129046Z £692.93 CUPDSHLF9046 £51.53 900.900.460 2 CV909046Z £600.72 CUPDSHLF9046 £51.53 900.460.460 1 CV904646Z £391.89 CUPDSHLF4646 £39.33 700.900.460 2 CV709046Z £516.65 CUPDSHLF9046 £51.53 700.350.300 2 CV703530Z £337.65 CUPDSHLF3530 £32.54 570.850.255 (Wall Mounted) 1 CV578525Z £419.01 N.A. N.A. 337.65 £ from Wall Mounted Cupboard Unit These cupboards and cabinets bring a combination of storage, mobility, security and a touch of style to the workplace. The perspex doors allow managers and supervisors to be able to see the contents of cupboards whilst the cupboard is locked. Flush “No Snag” handles with 2-point locking. Mobile and static options available. Strengthened doors. Extra adjustable shelves available. Secure locking mechanism for extra security. Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology anti- bacterial paint. Cupboard shelves have a UDL of 50kg. UXX BXX YXX LXX GXX RXX COLOUR OPTIONS Please add corresponding letters to the end of the code