QMP Product Catalogue 2023

118 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS STAINLESS STEEL CUPBOARDS Stainless Steel Cupboards - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Shelves Code Price 1800.1200.460 3 CL181246ZSXX £2,203.56 1800.900.460 3 CL189046ZSXX £1,680.13 1200.900.460 2 CL129046ZSXX £1,335.69 900.900.460 1 CL909046ZSXX £1,103.81 900.460.460 1 CL904646ZSXX £874.64 Extra Shelves - Dimensions/Codes To Fit Code Price W.1200 x D.460 CLES1246ZSXX £162.72 W.900 x D.460 CLES9046ZSXX £143.74 W. 460 X D. 460 CLES4646ZSXX £122.94 Floor Chests - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Code Price 610.1170.460 CV611146ZSXX £1,545.88 510.610.340 CV516134ZSXX £1,158.05 874.64 £ from These Stainless Steel Cupboards are designed and manufactured for clean environment use. Excellent in food, pharmaceutical and medical operations. Especially effective in environments where damp and corrosion are factors to consider. “No Snag” handles with 2-point locking. Adjustable stainless steel shelves. Strengthened doors. Corrosion resistant carcass and shelves. Floor chests have a riveted structure with angled lid to discourage article placement and a hasp and staple lock - Padlock not supplied.