QMP Product Catalogue 2023

124 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS SPECTRUM LOCKERS Spectrum Lockers - Dimensions/Codes Tiers H.1800 W.300 D.300 Price H.1800 W.300 D.450 Price H.1800 W.380 D.380 Price H.1800 W.450 D.450 Price 1 LSPC30301 £164.41 LSPC30451 £192.05 LSPC38381 £197.57 LSPC45451 £216.91 2 LSPC30302 £201.72 LSPC30452 £225.20 LSPC38382 £218.30 LSPC45452 £245.93 3 LSPC30303 £226.59 LSPC30453 £250.07 LSPC38383 £239.02 LSPC45453 £279.09 4 LSPC30304 £234.88 LSPC30454 £272.18 LSPC38384 £269.42 LSPC45454 £312.25 6 LSPC30306 £287.38 LSPC30456 £312.25 LSPC38386 £313.63 LSPC45456 £324.68 164.41 £ from Fire Guard tested & certified EN 13501-1 SLX Sublime Lime PPX Pitahaya Pink BBX Berry Burst LBX Lagoon Blue TRX Tamarillo Red GGX Guava Green CPX Chilli Pepper Orange TOX Tangelo Orange COLOUR OPTIONS Please add corresponding letters to the end of the code LIX Summer Lilac Ideal for schools, universities and public authorities where long-last durability is required. Frame constructed from 0.7mm steel which ensures strength and security. Powder Coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint. Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1. Minimum order quantity of 8 lockers, one-door colour. Many organisations, schools and workplace environments wish to make their premises as attractive as possible for employees, students and visitors alike. The Spectrum Locker range offers the strength and durability of the Standard Locker range but with a variety of exciting colour options. Lateral security beam enhances the durability of the locker. Hinges are 40mm deep. This again offers greater quality and durability.