QMP Product Catalogue 2023

136 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS PERSONAL EFFECTS LOCKERS 28 Tier 20 Tier 20 Tier 40 Tier Height 1800mm Height 1800mm Height 1285mm Height 940mm Width 900mm Width 900mm Width 900mm Width 450mm Personal Effects Lockers - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. Tiers Code Price 1285.900.380 28 LR129038H £653.51 940.900.380 20 LR909038Y £460.08 1800.450.380 20 LR184538Y £460.08 1800.900.380 40 LR189038F £885.62 460.08 £ from Please Note: Only Dark Blue & Light Grey doors are available on 5-Day Delivery 5DAY Delivery Fire Guard tested & certified EN 13501-1 Dark Blue & Light Grey door colours available on 5-Day Delivery. Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint. Pre-drilled for nesting. Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1. Personal Effects Lockers are fitted with a security shelf to prevent unauthorised access to the compartment below. Order quantities may apply, please speak to sales. Personal Effects Lockers are an ideal way of providing secure storage for small items such as mobile phones, wallets and keys. These lockers offer employees a secure storage solution for valuable items. Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs. Compartment entry aperture: H.150mm x W.163mm x D360mm. UXX BXX YXX LXX GXX RXX COLOUR OPTIONS Please add corresponding letters to the end of the code