QMP Product Catalogue 2023

159 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS KX BX RX MODULAR TEAM LEADER WORKSTATIONS Drawer & Cupboard Options Description Size H.W.D. Code Price Single Drawer 220.420.420 BEDR04021 £244.55 Triple Drawer 435.420.420 BEDR04043 £464.22 Cupboard Unit 435.420.420 BECU04041 £219.68 Double Cupboard Unit 570.850.450 CG8557451 £330.21 Team Leader Workstations - Accessories Description Code Price 760mm Rear Support Posts BESP760SXXXX £105.00 1180mm Rear Support Posts BESP1180XXXX £127.11 Upper shelf 300mm Laminate for 1000mm desk BEUS1000PXXX £135.40 Shelf Backstop for 1000m desk BESB1000XLXX £38.69 Louvred back panel for 1000mm desk (Light Grey) BELO4810IXXX £185.14 Pin Board attachment (For Louvred back panel) BENP3037XXXX £67.70 Magnetic back panel (Light Grey) MGBACKBDXXXX £128.49 Tool Panel (Light Grey) BELO4810ALSH £185.14 Single Drawer Triple Drawer Cupboard Unit Double Cupboard Unit WORKSTATION & WORKTOP OPTIONS Please add corresponding letters to the end of the desk code. DRAWER & CUPBOARD OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Our Team Leader Workstation range allows you to build your own and select exactly what accessories and colour combination you require in your factory environment. With a comprehensive range of above and below workstation accessories available for you to specify. Team Leader Workstation Only Description Size H.W.D. Code Price Sloping Top 1060.1000.460 TLS1010461 £332.97 Sloping Top 1060.1000.600 TLS1010601 £350.93 Flat Top 920.1000.460 TLF9210461 £332.97 Flat Top 920.1000.600 TLF9210601 £350.93 FLAT/SLOPING TOP COLOUR OPTIONS KX BX RX Please add corresponding letters to the end of the desk code. DRAW & CUPBOARD COLOUR OPTIONS