QMP Product Catalogue 2024

186 Euroslide Workbenches Cycle Parking Smoking Shelters Workstations Lockers Trucks & Trolleys Pallets Barriers Canteen Furniture Cupboards Plywood Sided Trucks Plywood Sided Trucks - Dimensions/Codes Size H.W.D. 3-Sided Trucks Price 3 1/2-Sided Trucks Price 4-Sided Trucks Price 830.600.900 RTBT3690P £667.86 RTBT3569P £693.01 RTBT4690P £726.54 830.600.1200 RTBT3612P £725.14 RTBT3561P £751.69 RTBT4612P £793.61 3 & 1/2-Sided Plywood Truck 3-Sided Plywood Truck 4-Sided Plywood Designed for doorway and narrow aisle access. Removable long side panels. 350kg capacity UDL. Fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel heavy-duty castors. Fully-welded construction. Plywood Sided Trucks with open, half or fully closed sides for load retention and safety. Designed with handles to allow users to easily move the trolley from room to room. Ideal for the storage and transport of goods up to a maximum weight of 350kg UDL. High-quality castors make it easy to manoeuvre the trolley even when at maximum capacity. Colour Options Please add corresponding letters to the end of the code BXX YXX GXX .86 £ FROM 667 350KG EVENLY DISTRIBUTED UDL