QMP Product Catalogue 2023

72 EUROSLIDE WORKBENCHES CYCLE PARKING SMOKING SHELTERS WORKSTATIONS LOCKERS TRUCKS & TROLLEYS PALLETS BARRIERS CANTEEN FURNITURE CUPBOARDS SYSTEM TEK KITS G 1,208.48 £ from 900 System Tek Kits Key Description Drawer/Cupboard Depths Beech Top Code Price Laminate Top Code Price A Cupboard with Accessories 1x 750mm EST900BKIT1 £1,208.48 EST900PKIT1 £1,239.58 B 2 Drawer & Cupboard with Accessories 2x 100mm, 1x 500mm EST900BKIT2 £1,469.71 EST900PKIT2 £1,500.81 C 4 Drawer with Accessories 1x150mm, 3x200mm EST900BKIT3 £1,697.35 EST900PKIT3 £1,728.45 D 5 Drawer with Accessories 5x150mm EST900BKIT4 £1,816.77 EST900PKIT4 £1,847.87 E 5 Drawer with Accessories 2x100mm, 2x150mm, 1x200mm EST900BKIT5 £1,765.50 EST900PKIT5 £1,826.72 F 6 Drawer with Accessories 4x 100mm, 1x 150mm, 1x 200mm EST900BKIT6 £1,908.82 EST900PKIT6 £1,939.92 G 7 Drawer with Accessories 7x 100mm EST900BKIT7 £1,999.63 EST900PKIT7 £2,030.73 900 System Tek - Extra Accessories Description Code Price Track (To Fit Tool Rail) BETR900XLXXX £105.74 Spring Tool Balance BESPRBALXLXX POA Louvred Back Panel BELO48900IXX £138.08 Worktop Mounted Service Duct BESDWT900XXX £130.61 760mm Rear Support Posts BESP760SXXXX £98.93 1180mm Rear Support Posts BESP1180XXXX £120.03 Post Mounted Service Duct BESDP900XXXX £145.54 Perforated Back Panel BEBP4890PFXX £138.08 Light and Tool Rail BERS900XLXXX £92.05 Beech Upper Shelf BEUS900BXXXX £110.71 Laminate Upper Shelf BEUS900PXXXX £99.52 Description Size H.W.D. Code Price Beech 27.900.650 ESBEETOP9065 £145.54 Laminate 20.900.650 ESLAMTOP9065 £187.84 Tool Tray 24.900.650 ESTLTTOP9065 £53.49 WORKTOP OPTIONS Each kit comes complete with the following accessories: Worktop and Post fitted service ducts Perforated Back Panel Rear Support Posts Upper Shelf Tool Rail R B G COLOUR OPTIONS K To select drawer & door colours please add corresponding letters to the end of the code.